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Bonnet Buffing or Steam Cleaning – Which is Better?

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Recently, two customers explained that they had their carpets cleaned by another company and they were not happy with the results.  They didn't feel the carpet was cleaned well, and they were looking to get them cleaned again only months later.  They explained that the cleaning company used a rotary machine with a pad.  This is referred to as bonnet buffing. Bonnet buffing is a controversial method of carpet cleaning.  First, what are its benefits? Bonnet buffing is faster and Continue Reading ...

Carpet Steam Cleaning – Truck Mount Vs. Portable Which Is Better?

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Many customers ask what type of carpet steam cleaning Bradenton Carpet Cleaner uses.  Which equipment provides the best cleaning?   In the 1980's truck mount systems were the best, by far.  Portable machines had no internal heating source.  Those machines are now called "cold water extractors".  The other detriment using the old portable carpet cleaning machines was their low water pressure put more moisture into the carpets, thus increasing drying times. Because of their lack Continue Reading ...

Clean Carpets Contribute to Good Health

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Did you know that the typical homeowner's carpet has about 200,000 bacteria in every square inch! Yeah, that’s 4,000 times as much bacterium than is located on your toilet seat. Kind of makes you want to leave your socks on doesn’t it? This bacteria feast is a collection of skin cells, food and drink particles, chemicals, pesticides, pollen, exhaust, and numerous other pollutants all living together in your cozy carpet. It comes from the bottom of your shoes, your clothes, skin, and even Continue Reading ...